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Hatha and Yin Yoga in Halifax

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Hatha and Yin Yoga in Halifax

Welcome to my Yoga website, my aim is to deliver interesting and varied classes of both Hatha and Yin Styles, whether you are a beginner or have practiced for years.

Hatha Yoga

What you can expect out of a Hatha class with me

  • Time to settle in
  • Gentle postures to warm up
  • Focus on an action/body part/idea
  • Time to ease down
  • Meditation and/or breathing practice
  • Relaxation

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Some elements of classes will stay the same, I usually include a spinal sequence to take the spine in all its directions. This not only acts as a warm up it also provides a benchmark for you to check your progress. When the spine is healthy we are in a better place to work on other parts of the body

What benefits are likely from practicing Yoga

  • Physically - strength, flexibility and balance can improve
  • Mentally - Reduction in stress levels
  • Other benefits can include better sleep quality, improved posture, overall quality of life and feeling of wellbeing.

Yin Yoga

What happens in a Yin class

Poses are nearly all floor based and held for longer periods of time to allow joints to open and connective tissue to lengthen. There is no strengthening work or balances as often found in Hatha Yoga. Beginners welcome in any of my classes, however some experience of Yoga will enable you to get more out of a Yin class

  • Time to settle in
  • A short period of loosening major joints
  • A sequence of poses around a theme (e.g. Spine, Hips, Shoulders, Digestion)
  • A pause between poses to let the body reset
  • Relaxation

Benefits of Yin Yoga

  • Increased range of motion in joints
  • As the class is slower paced the link between mind, body and breath is enhanced
  • Stress reduction

Whether you are practicing Hatha or Yin Yoga, you are a complete beginner or have practiced for many years, it can be a time to step out of the busy external world and bring yourself into a space where you can focus on yourself. Time for your body, time for your mind, time to connect with your breath.

Your Practice

I would like you to get the most out of your practice, below are a few things that may help with this

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing, layers work best so you can keep warm in Meditation/Relaxation.
  • Leave at least 2 hours from eating a light meal and 4 hours after a heavy meal.
  • Let me know before the class starts of any health concerns you may have.
  • Practice in bare feet.
  • See all asana (postures) as suggestion, you don't have to do everything.
  • Remember we are practicing Yoga, not training to be contortionists.
  • Work within your own limitations, and above all enjoy yourself!

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Thanks to

My first Yoga teacher Frances Lewis for many years of Yoga classes and her gentle encouragement to take up teacher training
Mary Mackie and Lesley Isaacson for all their deep wisdom and insight passed on during Teacher Training with BWY
All my Yoga students past and present -you may not realise but I learn from you everyday.

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